Max Potential expands in Town

Max Potential Rehabilitation has added a second physical therapy clinic in Farragut.

Owners, Kristin Jurek, Robert Benedict and Jason Martin opened Max Potential Rehabili-tation, 11201 West Point Drive, between West End Center and Farragut High School, in October 2016. The clinic held a ribbon cutting, hosted by Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce, at its Farragut site Jan. 10.

“What makes our clinic special is the personal touch we put into each treatment,” said Benedict, an American Physical Therapy Association-certified aquatic therapist and former Army Ranger with an extensive background in fitness and exercise.

“Our patients’ needs are addressed, as we treat to standard not to time,” he said. “We [Jason, Kristin and I] started Max Potential with the mindset of going back in time to when your healthcare provider had a personal relationship with you, the patient.

“We aim to educate, coach, guide and mentor our patients to a pain-free, high-functioning lifestyle. Our goal is to use faith and education to promote lifestyle changes.

“Each patient we have a positive impact on will ripple throughout the local community,” Benedict, a Powell resident, said.

Jurek, a 1989 Farragut High School graduate, also is a physical therapist. Martin, a Powell resident, has been a physical therapist for 16 years and played football and ran track for East Tennessee State University. The three teamed up to open the first Max Potential Rehabilitation in Powell, 970 E. Emory Road, in October 2013.

“Our Powell location has been so successful, but we are limited to the population around that area,” Jurek said. “We actually did have some people who used to travel from out west to our Powell location, just to come there, but we thought we could service another community — and I live out west — so it was a natural transition for us to come here and reach some more folks.”

Max Therapy Rehabilitation treats most ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics.

The clinic provides aquatic therapy in a 30-foot-by-17-foot, 94-degree, salt-water pool; Astym therapy [which generates healthy soft tissues and eliminates unwanted scar tissue that causes pain]; back, neck and joint treatment; post-injury rehabilitation; hands-on treatment; orthopedic injury treatment; lymphedema; sport-specific strength evaluations; injury prevention; vestibular [dizziness] and balance training for older clients; neuro rehab [stroke patients, for example], and high-level balance; proprioceptive training [relating to receiving stimuli originating in the muscles and other tissues] and special needs individuals born with certain disabilities.

Jurek said she also has a background specifically in treating the “throwing athlete,” such as baseball players.

The clinic also provides general conditioning.

“We have some people come in to just work out,” Autumn Yates, a technician, said.

“And, we have a lot of bariatric population,” Jurek said. “It’s folks who get that gastric bypass. Before they go for surgery, they will come in and we’ll help them with their weight loss, which they typically have to do before surgery. After surgery, we’ll help them. A lot of them have back pain and knee pain from their weight.”

The clinic’s aquatic treatment can benefit anyone with severe pain, she said.

“The water will help support the body and takes the gravity off the joints, especially spine, knee, ankle,” Jurek said. “And then, folks actually can exercise in the water and stretch because they have that extra support of the water.”

Clients of Max Potential do need a physician’s referral to receive physical therapy services at Max Potential Rehabilitation, but Jurek said, “Someone can come in for their initial evaluation and treatment plan without the referral.

“Then, what we do at that time, is get their doctor information and we can get the paperwork to their doctor to sign for them,” she said.

The Farragut clinic is open from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, but if folks have different needs, Jurek said the clinic will work around someone’s sechedule.

For more information about the clinic, call 865-362-6001.