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• The Police Report [weekly in farragutpress] has gotten to the point now that it is a must-read item. Week after week after week we are treated to the misadventures of Farragut citizens. [In the March 16 issue] we started out with stories of two car thefts. But wait; in both cases the keys were left in the car with the doors unlocked. And yet, both owners were stunned beyond belief when their cars weren’t there in the morning. Then we have the “MENSA” candidate who thought it would be a good idea to steal a Toyota Prius — except he couldn’t figure out how to get it out of “park” and put it into “drive.” Duh. You can’t make this stuff up. Instead of the number of graduate degrees per capita, how about doing a study on the number of morons per capita in Farragut.

• I called in in the fall thanking everyone who had worked on the plantings at the entrance and exit at Campbell Station [Road] to and from the Interstate. And I want to thank all those people again now that all the plantings are blooming. It’s so attractive and I think it says so much for the town of Farragut, for Turkey Creek to have these attractive gardens to welcome everybody to Farragut. So thank you to everyone who made this possible.