ACT For America hears Perry’s moral decay views

Though Larry Perry is a businessman, attorney, professional photographer, college professor, columnist and former Education Commissioner for the state of Tennessee, his latest of 28 books has been front-and-center of late.

Perry spoke about “When God Left America” to members of ACT For America, as its featured speaker, during AFA’s monthly fourth Thursday meeting, March 23, in Don Delfis Pancake House, West End Avenue.

In reference to World War II U.S. Army veteran Ken Crosthwait, who attended the meeting, Perry said, “I appreciate him so much. The book is dedicated to him.”

Paralleling an overall “decline” in the United States with a moral and spiritual decline in this country, Perry’s observations included:

• maintaining the United States is, and always has been, a Christian nation. Perry said, “The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were straight out of the Bible. … Isaiah, Jeremiah, Deuteronomy, Ezekiel, Exodus, Ezra and John. … Did you know that 53 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Indepen-dence were ministers?”

• Less than 30 percent of today’s teenagers could qualify for enlistment into the U.S. military. “It’s not just because they’re obese, it’s that they’re not smart enough.”

• To attack and damage the United States without ever firing military weaponry, Perry listed attacking “patriotism … “religion” and “morality. … The young kids don’t know right from wrong. I think it’s partly our problem because we kind of spoiled them.

“It started right after the Second World War. … In 1947 the [Supreme] Court makeup changed to a very, very liberal group. … The flower children of the 1960s, the problem is the courts encouraged that.”

• The American Civil Liberties Union “has done serious damage to this country. … Military chaplains can’t have a prayer with individual soldiers. That’s crazy.”

• The founders’ purpose when starting Harvard University in the 17th Century was “to teach people how to read the Bible.”

• Also in reference to education, “Look at what your children and grandchildren read in school. It will scare you,” adding some of the founding fathers are now criticized. “George Washington is now a bad guy, he ran a plantation. … John Adams, he’s even worse.’”

• About the overall lack of historical knowledge among U.S. citizens, Perry said, “Go out in the street and ask somebody about World War II, [such as], ‘what was D-Day all about?’ ‘I don’t know,’” many would say.

• Liberals are creating class warfare, in order to seize control, by advocating “attacking the wealthy and supporting the poor. …. This country is more divided than I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Will it ever get back? I don’t think so, we’re just too far apart.”