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• I want to thank all of those who were involved in planning and having the vision and then taking care of getting it done with the flower beds and trees, all the landscaping, at the entrances and exits over at Campbell Station [Road] and [Interstate] 75/40. It looks spectacular, a beautiful, beautiful improvement. Thank you so much.

• Just wanted to know if you have received any complaints about the trash dumpster pick up at businesses along Kingston Pike? For the past several months we have been awaken by the slamming of dumpsters starting around 4 each morning. I have contacted the town of Farragut and our County Commissioner about this but was told by Farragut there is nothing they can do. The County Commissioner said he had heard of complaints, would look into it, but I have not heard anything back. If you have heard any grumblings I would like to know. I don't want to start fighting this battle if I am the only one, but feel there are others in the same bleary eyed state of sleep deprivation my family is in. Thanks for any help you can provide.

• We enjoy reading the farragutpress and found the article, Whatever Floats Your Boat, particularly interesting and resourceful. As an aside boater the information provided is excellent. Could you post that article so that it could be accessed on the Internet? Thank You. (Editor’s note: this story has been uploaded alongside the other April 6 news).

• Kudos to the administra-tion, faculty, parents and students who are taking the time to clean up and beautify the FHS campus this spring. I have no official connection to school but am there a lot as a sports fan and also walk through the campus on weekends. Looks so much nicer.

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