Myers duo propose ‘downtown’ building

Where will Farragut's downtown finally be located? The four corners at Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike? Near Town Hall? Somewhere else?

With the proposal of a new red brick, three-story office and retail building next to Farragut Post Office, that question may soon be put to rest. As Community Developement director, Mark Shipley included the proposal for discussion during a Town staff-led Planner/Developer meeting Tue-day morning, April 4.

The proposed “Knickerbocker Building” “may get the ball rolling” when it comes to creating a town center, Shipley said.

R. Knick Myers and Noah Myers, co-founders of Myers Brothers Holdings, came to the meeting with a two-story computer-generated rendering and a drawing of a three-story building, both part of the concept of their new three-story structure that would combine “retail below and office space above,” Noah Myers said. The tentatively-named “Knickerbocker Building” would be built on the two parcels they have purchased next to Farragut Post Office.

“You’re trying to do something as a first building block that would incrementally create a town center around the Town Hall,” Shipley said.

“We’re taking two non-conforming parcels, and creating one parcel that is eligible for development,” Noah Myers said. “This is going to be the epicenter of the downtown area. We have some ingredients of a downtown already here. … This is a great opportunity right across from Town Hall to do something spectacular.

“… I’ve got a couple of folks who are interested. There’s not much grading on this site,” he added. “The architecture is expensive to design a three-story building and make it look good. I hope I can show folks that it is possible to build something and include the iconic features. I’ve been one to embrace this historic architecture for a long time -- you won’t be able to tell if it was built in 1890 or 1990.”

After the meeting, Noah Myers said he’d like to break ground in 2017. As for possibly making the buildign residential, “The residential supports the retail and enhances the walkability goals of the town of Farragut. Obviously, it would we great to live where you work and walk to work. We’re just not there yet. I don’t’ know if it’s six months or six years out.”