police reports

• A Forest Park Boulevard complainant advised April 5 a suspect stole his wallet at a business along Kingston Pike between 6:15 and 6:30 p.m., March 30. The complainant advised he left his wallet, which included debit, credit and insurance cards plus $30 in cash, on the cashier counter at National Pharmacy prior to leaving the business. He further advised he went back to retrieve the wallet but observed it missing from the counter. The complainant advises he contacted the head pharmacist who reviewed surveillance footage showing the suspect stealing the wallet after the complainant had left. The complainant was advised to call back if he observed any additional items missing or stolen. Total value of loss was estimated at $70.

• A Lakehurst Lane victim stated between 11 p.m., April 3, and 9 a.m., April 4, person(s) unknown keyed the driver’s door, trim and driver’s side taillight. She said the driver’s side of her vehicle was facing away from her home. The victim did not have an estimate on damage at the time of report.

• A complainant advised April 4 the suspect took various items from Marshalls along Parkside Drive, valued at $175.93, and placed them in her purse without paying for them at 8:50 p.m., March 31. She advised suspect was stopped and the items were recovered. She advised the suspect is on video placing the items in her purse. She provided a video at the time of report, which was turned over to a KCSO unit. Complainant advised she recovered a KUB bill in the suspect’s purse, which helped identify suspect.

• On April 3, a complainant at Planet Beach Automated Spa, Parkside Drive, stated she has video surveillance of a suspect/member taking reduce cream without paying for it, valued at $40, on March 28. She advised when she was doing inventory March 30 she noticed it was gone. When she went back and viewed the tapes on March 28 she saw the suspect take the item. She had the suspect’s information due to her being a member. She advised she had video of the incident ready for the detective assigned to her case.

• A Leman Drive complainant advised April 2 that between Feb. 15 and April 1, the listed dates, a suspect had taken two rings, valued at $3,000, plus a handgun, valued at $500, and $500 in cash out of her mother’s residence. The complainant stated the suspect is the groundskeeper at her mother’s residence. The complainant advised the suspect would ask to come into the residence to use the restroom and while inside would take items. The complainant stated there are other items missing but unsure what they are. The complainant was advised to call back with serial number for the handgun.

• At 10:17 p.m., April 1, a Knox County Sheriff’s Office unit responded to Kohl’s, 11530 Kingston Pike, on report of a theft in progress. The complainant, a loss prevention contact at Kohl’s, stated two male and one female suspects entered the store and were acting very suspicious. The complainant stated one of the male suspects selected a pair of tennis shoes and a package of socks and entered the dressing room. The complainant stated when he exited the dressing room he was wearing the tennis shoes. This suspect then passed all points of sale and exited the store. He was taken into custody. The other two suspects continued to look at shoes in the shoe department. Female suspect selected a pair of Fila tennis shoes. After trying them on, she gave the tennis shoes to the male suspect who began to conceal them in his coat. Female suspect blocked male suspect and looked out so they would be not seen. They passed all points of sale and exited the store. Both were taken into custody. Upon further investigation, the first male suspect had concealed on his body a total of $158.99 worth of merchandise, while the second male suspect, working with the female suspect, had concealed a total of $95.19 worth of merchandise. Arrestees were transported to the detention facility without incident.

• At 8:40 p.m., March 31, KCSO responded to Destiny Ridge Way on the report of a theft. Victim stated she left her purse, containing $8,000 in cash, in the driver’s seat of her of vehicle. Victim stated she was distracted by neighbors and believes the purse to have been stolen during that time. Victim further stated that possible suspects live along Evening Breeze Way. Victim stated possible suspects left quickly after the incident driving a white pick-up truck. A witness to portions of the incident said he was unable to identify a suspect.