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• Although I was pleased to see that the farragutpress had a front page story on the “Lizzie” finalists, including Karen Carson, former Knox County [Board of Education] representative for the Farragut area district, and Julie Ezold, who works at ORNL and lives in Farragut, I was very disappointed that you did not mention the third finalist, Dianne Ezell. Dianne, who is a UT grad and works at ORNL in the Electronics Research Division, is also a resident of Sweetbriar in Farragut. I hope you find space to update the “Lizzie” story giving recognition to Diane.

• The poll that you have for “Best of Farragut,” it doesn’t seem to be working real well. You have a lot of items on there that are not connected to Farragut — furniture stores and so forth. You’ve left out some items like “Best Bakery,” “Best Bistro,” things of that sort. Also, it doesn’t explain very thoroughly what the Town limits are, what stores are in the Town of Farragut. Can you publish a different poll so that it’s more accurate or somehow do a more personalized poll that connects to Farragut and not just a general town that has all these other things that we do not have? {Edit’s Note: We have updated the ballot. If you have already voted on the first week’s ballot, you will be contacted and offered another chance to vote using the new ballot. We will only count your first ballot if you give us permission to use that week’s ballot.]

• It’s truly sad that you can’t get your front page [correct] where you spelled “closer” wrong in the main [headline] article [page 1A, May 25 issue]: Access road, critical for Town Center, is “c-l-s-o-e-r” [instead of c-l-o-s-e-r]. Seems like the farragutpress has gone downhill over the last 20 years. And it’s sad.