letters to the editor

The farragutpress May 2017 article “Hinners gives stern warning about Muslim Brotherhood during AFA visit” led some to accuse Ms. Hinners of being Islamopobic. Ms. Hinners was simply alerting citizens to hidden dangers involving the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is an Islamic political organization began in Egypt in 1928. The MB is present in the United States as well as many other countries including 6 of the 7 countries listed on President [Donald] Trump’s first Executive Order, which was to put a hold on people coming from those countries.

The MB has been designated a terrorist organization by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other countries in the Middle East.

The MB is not a faraway radical group that has no impact on America. To bring this group closer to home, the Wall Street Journal [WSJ] ran an article in 2003 titled “Student Journeys into Secret Circle of Extremism” which described a University of Tennessee junior’s experience after joining the MB at the invitation of a fellow student.

His experience was to preach hate of Israel and the United States. He attended meetings in Toledo and Chicago where he met Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual and intellectual force behind the MB. Mr. Yasser Reda, Egypt’s ambassador to the United States, wrote in a 2016 WSJ article “al-Qardawi entrusts the so-called jamaa-a term that can mean “the group”… with the authority to order young women and men to become suicide bombers.” Continuing “[al-Qaradawi] condones and blesses the fanaticism of al Qaeda’s Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Islamic States’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and leaders of Boko Haram … earning him the title: The Pontiff of Terror.”

The young man who spent time within the MB has since left the group, but how many other young men are undergoing the same process of indoctrination across this country today?

There are millions of Muslims who practice their religion of Islam in a peaceful way. Islamic Fundamentalist, on the other hand, do not. Jane Harman, former Democratic United States Representative from California stated on CNN in May, Saudi Arabia exports its extreme form of Islam called Wahhabism through groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Wahhabism relies on a literal interruption of the Koran, Islam’s Holy book.

Islamic extremists have a plan to dominate the world as presented in documentation presented at the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing trial in Dallas, Texas. Dominate and take over the West through action [ISIS] and changing our institutions to align with Sharia Law though the process of civilization jihad.

Avoiding identifying the process and naming the enemy is fool hardy and dangerous. Becoming educated about the plans put forth by the Muslim Brotherhood could save your life and the nation.

Brenda Miller