letters to the editor

Save FHS Osprey nest

I’m among the many area residents who walk and jog the Farragut High School track that runs around the football field. Recently, the farragutpress had an article about the Osprey nest atop one of the light poles and how the school was looking to tear it down prior to adjusting the lights for the upcoming football season.

I would like to propose that both the school and the Town of Farragut get together to develop an approach for building a platform for the Ospreys that would reside on top of this light stand. Other area municipalities have gone this route, including the City of Alcoa’s electric department, which put a platform on top of a power pole equating to a “win-win” with a safe, secure place for the majestic Osprey along with keeping the nest out of the lights and electric connections. In particular, I would like to see Farragut High School and the Town of Farragut develop a cost estimate and then let the community know so we can donate toward this very worthy cause. Count me in as making the first contribution.

Jeff Elliott