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• I see the farragutpress, and Alan Sloan in particular, continue to give favorable/unquestioning coverage of the monthly meetings of the hate group Act For America. … The most recent article focuses on a tragedy regarding the horrible death of a young lady due to faulty guardrails. However, why was there no coverage of the hateful agenda of Act For America, or about how shameful it is that a state representative, Jimmy Matlock, [R-District 21] was the guest of honor?

• I’m asking to put this in the paper: does anyone know where we can get eclipse glasses? I called the Town of Farragut and they said if you come [inaudible] to McFee Park we’ll give you some free. I’m not going to do that, so I said, “well, where do you get them?” And she said, “well, we got ours off the Internet, they’re less than $1 each. But Walmart … and all the gas stations have them.” Well, that’s not true. I just called all those places and they said they don’t have them. I went to Walmart and they said they don’t have them. So, I called farragutpress, and the girl suggested I call presstalk. So, maybe someone will let us know where we can buy them for less than $1.