Linderhof nominated for 'Diners, Drive-Ins, Dives'

Restaurant Linderhof in Renaissance | Farragut recently was nominated as a possible restaurant to be featured on the TV show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” hosted on Food Network by Guy Fieri.

The Farragut community is being asked to support the restaurant’s chances of appearing on the show by voting on Restaurant Linderhof’s website, or using its app.

Aaron Schmissrauter, managing partner of Restaurant Linderhof at 12740 Kingston Pike, said the show’s producers recently contacted him about the possibility of the show being chosen.

“I was contacted by phone,” Schmissrauter said. “At first I thought it was a prank, but I looked into it and [the representative from the show] called back.

“He was kind of reaching out to what I imagine would be a lot of restaurants. They are trying to continue interest for what they do, you know,” he added.

“Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has become a big part of Food Network. I’d say it’s 30 percent of its ratings,” Schmissrauter said. “So, they are trying to reach out to restaurants all over to encourage people to engage their fan base in voting to be on the show.

“They like to go to places that are off the beaten path.”

After being nominated, “I got really excited and got to work on Facebook, and it’s on our app and our e-mail and our website at,” Schmissrauter said, adding there is a link to vote for the restaurant.

“A lot of people are pretty excited about it and have congratulated the restaurant and me and voted,” he added. “I’ve gotten a lot of really nice e-mails and messages from people reaching out and a lot of local support. People are looking at the restaurant in a different light.”’

Schmissrauter said he does not know when he will find out if the restaurant is chosen for the show.

As for when it might run, “It might be the year 2019,” he said. “These things are planned well in advance. They don’t just show up and start filming.”

The community can learn more about the restaurant’s history from a new history section, “Our Story,” at

“The restaurant is going on 20 years old,” Schmissrauter said.

“We have a rich culinary history, which I think would be a good fit for the show if we were chosen,” he added. “... The late Chef Gunter, who had an extensive career in restaurants all over the country, opened Restaurant Linderhof at the Ingles shopping center in Farragut in 2008.”

Schmissrauter, who is of German ancestry himself, worked in the restaurant while attending college.

“I started in the mornings, prepping and taking deliveries,” he said. “I would take a short break and come back and bartend.

“I’ve definitely survived my

humble beginnings,” Schmissrauter added.

He bought the restaurant in 2009 and moved Restaurant Linderhof to Renaissance | Farragut in 2012.

“Since moving to Renaissance, we have become a family staple,” he said. “... Military folks really get who we are because they’ve been [to Germany]. They were stationed there. They love the food.”

“We have been popular with families, as well as the local military station.