Bart Hose joins Town staff

Bart Hose has joined Town of Farragut as new assistant Community Development director. He brings 23 years of experience in local planning and six years of experience in emergency planning to Farragut and is working closely with Mark Shipley, Community Development director.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in environmental science with a concentration in environmental planning, Hose is a native of the Long Island area of New York.

But he considers the South his home. He came to Knox County 32 years ago to get his master’s degree in geography at The University of Tennessee.

Hose said his master’s has served him well.

“I think geography is a good background because it deals with spatial issues and land use and the way people develop across the landscape,” he said.

After graduation, he worked for 23 years for the state of Tennessee’s Local Planning Assistance office.

“When I worked for local planning, I got exposed to the way various local governments in the area do business with respect to planning and I feel like that had some positive impacts in the areas we worked,” he said. “Having done it for a long time, a lot of things have been slow in planning, so having been there for a while, I had an opportunity to see things come to fruition.”

When his position was eliminated several years ago, Hose transferred over to Tennessee Emergency Management Agency to work as regional planner.

He said his position in Farragut is a good fit.

“It was an opportunity to get back into community planning,” Hose said. “I worked on several projects here in the early- to mid-2000s. I worked on one of the earlier land use plans and on a facilities plan and the development manual for the Town. I had some familiarity with the Town and staff members. It was a good opportunity to get back into community planning, which I had in the back of my mind I wanted to do. Knoxville’s been my home for a long time and I wanted to stay in the area.”

Hose said he has spent the first few weeks getting up to speed on Town regulations.

When he’s not at Town Hall, Hose said he likes to get outside.

“I enjoy the outdoors and I do some hiking in the area, just socializing with friends and that sort of thing, and trying to get outdoors when I can,” he said.