guest view: Alderman Louise Povlin

Last week, the Board and the Town staff department heads participated in a retreat to update our strategic plan to provide a vision and a roadmap going forward for the Town of Farragut. In preparation for this retreat, each member of the board was asked to prepare a statement based on the “This I believe” essay format to express what each of us believes to be true about the future of the Town. Below is the statement I prepared.

I believe in the value of an interconnected pedestrian/bicycle system that the Town of Farragut has long embraced, a fully-connected system where a child is safe enough to travel to a friend’s house across our community.

I believe in the value of safe streets: safe streets for cars, pedestrians and bicyclists, tree-lined streets, streets that are inviting for families to go on a bike ride. I believe that attention to detail in our street improvement projects and rights-of-way will set Farragut apart.

I believe in Farragut’s Future Land Use Plan, the community input that was necessary to bring it about, and following it by establishing a variety of activity hubs throughout our town so most residents have a community gathering place a walk or a bike ride away.

I believe in the value of an active Town Center that includes a diverse selection of shops, restaurants, and residential living, a street system that is pedestrian friendly, with beautiful streetscapes and traffic traveling at a pedestrian-friendly pace. I envision street fairs and farmer’s markets, parades and festivals.

I believe small businesses will revive Kingston Pike, and a concerted effort to support them through the building and opening process will help our Town economically and strengthen our connection to those businesses.

I believe in engaging with our youth, particularly through our schools, with an active youth program that can bring a community together through volunteer efforts and events. I believe the quality of our schools attracts young families to Farragut, and engagement with our schools to understand their needs will serve us well.

I believe in our beautiful parks and our dynamic and expansive park and event programming and pocket parks and highlighting

the natural beauty Farragut has to offer.

I believe a stronger connection with Knox County and the City of Knoxville will help to develop a stronger connection to the community around us.

I believe a commitment to improve our public infrastructure in a lasting and thoughtful manner is the underpinning to a lasting and sustainably built environment.

I believe that Farragut offers a high quality of life for all generations. I believe we are a forward-thinking community. I believe

we have an incredible staff who work hard and serve our Town with integrity. I believe that if we are ever mindful of the roots of our founding and committed

to public involvement and inclusion, and we remain open to creative and forward-thinking solutions, we will continue to thrive and grow for generations to come.

The Town of Farragut needs to know what you believe, too. In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking for input on the Town’s priorities, vision and mission. A survey, advertised via email publications and social media, will be available at, and a public meeting will be announced soon. Please participate.

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