Safety Tips Back to School

In light of Knox County Schools starting Monday, Aug. 7, Knox County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Division has some tips on how to help reduce the number of traffic crashes as the school year gets back into session.

Motorists are advised to:

• Be aware of reduced speed zone times and try to avoid those areas during those times to reduce traffic congestion.

• Take notice of bus stops in neighborhoods.

• Tell your children to report any suspicious people loitering around bus stops.

• Talk to your children about reporting school bus drivers who use their cell phones or have driving issues.

• Remember not to pass stopped school buses. This includes multi-lane roadways, such as Kingston Pike, Chapman Highway, Clinton Highway, Ebenezer Road, etc., where there is not a median between the bus stop and traffic traveling in the opposite direction.

• Remind young drivers, as well as yourself, about the dangers of distracted driving, such as phone calls, texting and eating. The sheriff’s office also offered the safety tips to parents regarding children’s personal safety.

• Be alert and aware of people and their surroundings.

• Familiarize your child with your neighborhood.

• Ensure your child knows who is allowed to pick them up from school and that they are never to leave with anyone else.

• Walk/play with other children and try not to be alone. There is always safety in numbers.

• Stay in well-lighted areas.

• Teach your child to report suspicious persons to you, the parent, as well as teachers, police officers or other responsible adults.

• If your child is approached or followed by a suspicious vehicle or person: 1) Scream, 2) run away in the opposite direction, 3) run to a safe haven and 4) call the police.

• Teach your child what to take notice of when they encounter a suspicious vehicle or person: type

and color of vehicle license plate number, male/female, clothing description and distinguishing marks.

• Talk to your child about their friends and get to know them.

• Let your child know that they can dial 9-1-1 from a public phone for free.

• Speak with your child about gun safety. If you have a gun in the home, make sure it has a gunlock on it

or is locked in a safe. Teach your child that if they see a gun, they should never touch it. They should run away and tell an adult.