LaTorre, Beautique all about anti-aging procedures

If you’re a female over 21, you might want to know about the “flip lip.”

It’s just one of the anti-aging procedures that Shara LaTorre, R.N., owner of Beautique at 10542 Kingston Pike, has perfected.

Over the last year her customer list has gotten longer and longer— to more than 400 — with some customers coming from Nashville, Kentucky and Georgia.

The mother of five outgrew her space in six months at Sola Salon in Turkey Creek, moved to a new location along Kingston Pike and with business booming, she and her husband, Keith, have just leased a new bigger space. A grand opening, ribbon cutting and “white party” where everyone wears white, which is open to the public, is set for mid-September.

Shara, Keith, and their youngest child, Alivia, were busy moving into the new space in late July but stopped to chat about the business.

“As women age, they lose their ‘pout,’” Shara said as she explained the flip lip. “Their lips thin and widen out.”

She said her technique will actually cause the upper lip to turn up slightly, bringing back a youthful look.

“My injection technique for lips is totally different,” she said, describing it as “a Juvedrem and Botox combination that causes the lips to plump out naturally without looking like a duck lip.”

“We specialize in anti-aging, facial rejuvenation, Botox injections, lip augmentation, non-surgical nose jobs, natural-looking thick, fluffy eyelash extensions that are semi-permanent, and lower liquid facelifts to minimize jowling and replace lost volume,” she added. “Beautique also does custom spray tanning and custom body contouring with spray tanning, dermaplaning to remove peach fuzz on your face and top layer of dead skin, waxing for hair removing and micro-needling to plump your face from within.”

Shara said by fixing enlarged pores, hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dullness, she can restore elasticity and vibrance to the skin.

“One thing that makes us different is we sit down with you and develop a plan of care to meet your goals,” she said. “I’ll give you a mirror and you look in that mirror and tell me what you’re not happy about and I’ll tell you how to fix it.

“Something we’ve really become very popular for is correction of botched work by other providers, including permanent bruising or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that can be caused by injection,” she added. “We correct ill-placed Juvederm and botched Botox that can leave you with an undesirable look.

“We can bring back life to your skin. I literally have clients come in and say, ‘Our marriage is great!’ I had one husband come in and literally shake my hand. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the way she looked before, but she now had more confidence. She truly did look 10 years younger and she had dropped 37 pounds.”

“Sometimes as people age, the lines on your face can droop and look unfriendly,” Keith said, “but the nasal labial folds can be filled in with FDA-approved


“We want you to look like you, only better,” Shara added. “We just want you to look like you did 10 years ago.”

She’s no newcomer to the world of anti-aging.

“I opened my first medial spa in 2005 in Johnson City,” Shara said. “[Before that] I had trained and worked for the leading plastic surgeon in Knoxville.”

“Everything is prescription grade,” Keith said.

“When it’s not prescription grade, it’s superficial,” Shara said. “We treat from forehead to decollate. We don’t want the ‘mask face.’ We can also help with arms. We have an exfoliating body wash that speeds up the skin rejuvenation process. It softens fine lines and minimizes pores.

“We’re not a spa,” she added. “We are governed by the medical board. We have a medical director. I’m a registered nurse of 14 years. We have estheticians and are bringing on a nurse practitioner and a primary care physician. We want to really build our weight loss management, but we’re not going to offer phentermine due to health risks associated with it.”

The LaTorres have been in business three years in the Farragut area and have dedicated much of that time to volunteering.

“We went out of the country two years ago to volunteer at an orphanage in San Pancho, Mexico. Locally, we’ve become a passionate contributor to Mission of Hope,” Shara said. “I’m from Pike County, Kentucky, and I grew up in the disparity and severe domestic violence that some of these kids are facing right now. Giving hope through time, donations, encouragement and education to the children of Southern Appalachia is very important to us.”