Channing Tatum’s ‘FHS 1-on-1’ part of Regal screening

Six Farragut High School students got some face time with Channing Tatum last week.

Five of those girls waited for the superstar from behind a security fence in front of Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 theater hours before Tatum’s appearance Wednesday evening, Aug 9, for the benefit screening of his latest movie, “Logan Lucky.”

They were among roughly 100 fans who hadn’t purchased tickets — but were among the first to greet the movie heartthrob when Tatum exited his limousine and immediately headed to the line of about 100 around 7 p.m.

Anna Claire Lamuth, one of the FHS group, said “everything” about Tatum appealed to her.

“He’s just so cute,” she said. Does she think he’s nice? “Of course,” she said.

The 200 available tickets, $50 each, sold out almost as soon as they were announced in July. The FHS girls didn’t have tickets, they were just there to get a glimpse of their idol — but lucked out.

The other FHS girls getting to greet Tatum with ‘selfies’ and a few words were junior Samantha Wilson and sophomores Jillian Terry and Olivia Parrott.

Their friend, Abbagale Saunders, an employee with an entertainment company connected with the event, stood in front.

Saunders said she had already prescreened the movie about a heist at the NASCAR track in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I actually enjoyed it a lot,” the FHS sophomore said. “I love Channing Tatum and Adam Driver and I love the characters that they play. The role Tatum plays is more country in style and it’s more of a dimmer role, but it’s still amazing.”

Saunders is becoming a pro at celebrity events, having seen Tom Cruise in person last year and Jack Black the year before.

“I love my job helping set up for events,” Saunders said.

Farragut mom and daughter, Wendy and Alaina Barile, were part of the crowd that waited outside for about three hours. “I told my daughter this is what I wanted for my birthday,” Wendy said.

The event was a fundraiser for Variety — the Children’s Charity of Eastern Tennessee. “Nearly $600,000 was raised for underprivileged and at-risk kids with special needs in Eastern Tennessee,” Carol Fusco, charity director, said Thursday, Aug. 10.

Making selfies along the way, Tatum worked his way down the line in the parking lot, a group of hardcore fans braved the heat on the sidewalk in front of the doors while hundreds waited in the cool theater lobby. Most of the crowd outside had been there since 4 p.m. and they fanned themselves as hits played and security watched the crowd.