Could Concord Road eventually see a shopping area?

One of the two heirs of Callaway’s Landing, the pre-Civil War farm near the Concord/Northshore roundabout, was at Town of Farragut Staff/Developer meeting Tuesday morning, Sept. 5.

Sarah Mailen and her husband, John Mailen, were there to ask for a curb cut. The Mailens, who live off Northshore about five to 10 minutes from the property, said they would eventually like to develop the property by putting in some stores or offices.

Sarah Mailen inherited the Callaway’s Landing property along with her sister, Anne Ralston. Part of what Mailen owns is 4.8 acres along Concord Road between Loop Road and Second Avenue. The couple came to the meeting to ask Town staff to help them get a curb cut into their property while Tennessee Department of Transportation is widening Concord Road.

“We thought it was a great idea,” Sarah Mailen said. “While they’re out there it really wouldn’t cost them anything to build an access.”

“What about the historic area?” Mark Shipley, Community Development director, asked.

“To ask for the curb cut from TDOT, we had to supply a conceptual plan,” John Mailen said in the hallway after they left the meeting. “The main goal is just to get a curb cut because, really, it’s a lot easier to do it now.”

“We want to have a cut right in the center of the property so we can get in and out on Concord Road,” Sarah Mailen said. “I’ve wanted this for a long time … I know that things will change in the next three years when they finish building out the road and then we’ll see where we’re at then, what’s appropriate and what isn’t. But today, right now, John and I just want a curb cut and I think the Town of Farragut agrees.”

“It will just be a right-in, right-out,” John Mailen said.

“We drive down Concord Road all the time,” Sarah Mailen said. “The farm is where I grew up. This is something I inherited. We really just want a curb cut to turn into our property, basically a driveway … at Second Drive and Concord Road.”

What will happen to Callaway’s Landing?

“We don’t know,” Sarah Mailen said. “Ann has certain pieces of the farm and I have certain pieces.”

What will happen with the old gas station across from Callaway’s Landing?

“That’s neither here nor there,” Sarah Mailen said. “When the road is widened, we’ll all be able to see what’s left … that’s going to take about three years.”

She said Historic Concord Village is “technically back behind” her property and that she didn’t think any future development would be on the historic line. “I don’t think the Lodge is historical, but I don’t know. That’s a cemetery and Masonic Lodge.”

“We’re just property owners trying to learn about this process. It’s a very complex process,” she said.