Storefront atmosphere suits HealthMarkets in Farragut

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency has moved its Cedar Bluff location to Farragut.

The insurance company, previously located at 410 N. Cedar Bluff Road, moved to 731 N. Campbell Station Road in April, said Ben Clark, sales leader.

Based in Dallas, HealthMarkets is an insurance brokerage company that offers health, supplemental and life insurance, along with various individual insurance products, Clark said.

Working with individuals and businesses, “We help them with their insurance protection, so that’s going to be health insurance and your basic supplemental things like dental, vision and making sure you have proper life insurance in place,” said Clark, who has been a sales manager with the company since 2010.

“We do Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans,” he added. “We have simple annuities we can sell for the senior market as well, and we offer that same benefit to the small employer, so your mom-and-pop places that have 10, 15 people who work there … [have] a small health group insurance plan available.

“What we do differently is the individual opportunities, so we meet with the employer, we set up the plans and then after we get everything, the employee chooses from the options that they think would work best for all.”

Because of the structure in the insurance plans it offers, HealthMarkets is better suited to a storefront atmosphere, Clark said.

Moreover, a storefront atmosphere allows clients to “see the sign, walk in and work with an agent to help [customers] out on their insurance,” he said.

“We were off of Cedar Bluff [Road] for quite a few years, and when our lease ran out on an office suite, we had the option to place ourselves in a community and go to more of a storefront location,” Clark added. “I live in Farragut, so I’ve seen this location sit vacant for

a while, so I wanted to be a part of it.”

About the new venue, Clark said, ”It’s going well. The clients really like it, the agents enjoy it. The structure of the office is a little bit different than the last place. Agents have individual offices to work from; whereas, it was more like a big training center before.”

For more information, call

615-482-4223, e-mail to or visit online at www.HealthMarkets .com/BenClark.