BenchMark celebrates grand re-opening

BenchMark Physical Therapy celebrated a renovation of its facility in Farragut with a grand re-opening and ribbon cutting.

Taylor Comford and his staff welcomed its customers for the event in the clinic, 631 N. Campbell Station Road, Tuesday, Sept. 19.

“We’re using this also as a Patient Appreciation Day,” said Comford, BenchMark clinic director and physical therapist. "For the last three months they have had to deal with some different construction messes and the clinic looking in disarray. We want to thank our patients for still trusting us with their care even despite the construction.”

Comford said the facility’s space had been the same for the last 14-plus years.

“Because this clinic had been here for so long, it just needed to be freshened up,” he said. “And, our clinic has expanded from two therapists to now [having] four therapists, so we just needed to be more efficient with our space.”

To renovate, the clinic had to wait for corporate approval.

“Our company is expanding at a very fast rate, 45 new clinics opened up nationwide this year, so it was just a matter of when a construction team could get to our clinic,” Comford said.

So after receiving approval, walls were moved and the clinic was renovated.

“We really arranged walls to maximize space,” he said.

Rearranging the square footage gave him an extra 200 square feet, allowing him to add two tables and some different equipment, develop a break room for meetings and create storage space for medical equipment, Comford said.

That additional square footage “goes a long way in a clinic,” he added. “It’s helped a lot.

“Our clinic sees roughly 200 patients a week. Before, we were having trouble getting our patients to a table. Sometimes they had to wait a little bit. With the additional tables, they no longer have to wait, which has been huge for us.”

BenchMark also has been able to add a large staircase that can help patients with functional activities, such as going up and down stairs.

“We used to use wooden boxes,” Comford said. “Now, we have this giant staircase right in the middle of our clinic.”

BenchMark provides orthopedic rehabilitation for post-operative patients, athletes and dancers, and it provides neurological rehabilitation for those suffering strokes and disorders, such as Parkinson’s.

“We have a dance specialist here,” he said. “And, we get a lot of athletes because of that machine, that anti-gravity treadmill. NASA engineers developed it several years back.

“It allows us to get people walking earlier in the rehab, which is awesome,” Comford added.

The clinic also does vestibular [the body’s system for maintaining equilibrium] rehab and balance and gait rehab, he added.

The clinic is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.