Kasumi and Thai Café under new ownership, offering ‘everything from A to Z’

Kasumi and Thai Café, 743 N. Campbell Station Road in Farragut, has re-opened under new ownership.

Tommy Nguyen re-opened the restaurant, adjacent to Taco Boy and HealthMarkets Insurance, Friday night, Oct. 6.

Kasumi and Thai Café specializes in sushi and hibachi grill. It has a full menu for sushi and a full-menu for hibachi grill.

“Everything from A to Z,” said Nguyen, who also owns three other restaurants.

For example, on the hibachi grill menu, customers can order anything from chicken to lobster and “everything in between,” he said.

Hibachi grill fans also can try the tilapia, steak, salmon, tuna, scallops or filet mignon entrees or kick it up a notch by combining two entrees — steak and shrimp, for example.

On the sushi menu, the restaurant carries such choices as crabstick, yellow tail, sashimi and nigiri sushi. There also is a choice of rolls and a Thai menu.

Nguyen, who lives in Seymour and already owns a restaurants in Morristown, Pigeon Forge and in central Virginia, bought Kasumi and Thai Cafe in October from the previous owners, Jan Li and husband, Jason Li.

Nguyen explained the former owners were in business for a long time and decided to move on.

“I always wanted to come out in Farragut and [Jason Li] is kind of a friend of mine,” he said. “[Jason and Jan Li] were ready to close down, so to help out, I took over the restaurant.

“Farragut is a nice town and I’m sure it has nice people,” Nguyen said. Growing up in

Summit, New Jersey, he said Farragut comes close to his hometown.

“I just hope to make [Kasumi and Thai Café] better, bring better products for the customers,” Nguyen said. “People deserve good food and a nice environment. You know, you work hard for your money and you go out and you want to have a nice, fun dinner. That’s how I feel.”

He also saw the purchase as an opportunity to help create jobs.

The menu, previously Thai, Japanese and other Asian fare, now offers Thai and Japanese fare but with more of a focus on Japanese.

“It’s because my specialty is [Japanese cuisine],” Nguyen said.

While at his other three restaurants the chefs cook in front of customers at their tables, he said the meals at Kasumi and Thai Café will be cooked at the grill, which is in open view of the customers.

The restaurant also provides carryout service.

Kasumi and Thai Café is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on the weekends.