TrackMan4 could dramatically improve play for many FDCC golfers: Moran

TrackMan4 is the highlight technology in Fox Den Country Club’s new Golf Club Fitting and Learning Center.

“I don’t know many places in East Tennessee that have this,” Scott Moran, FDCC PGA club professional, said.

“Trackman measures ball speed, clubhead speed, smash factor, launch angle, spin rate on multiple axis, clubhead angle of attack, path of club head and face angle just to name a few,” a FDCC phamplet stated. “These measurements allow an instructor to immediately know precise measurements that are beneficial to diagnosing and solving issues of a student’s swing.

“This allows an instructor to dictate the path of learning in a more precise manner than simply fishing for band-aids,” the phaplet further stated. “Lesson are more efficient and students experience a greater learning curve by understanding exactly what is happening in the area of impact between a golf ball and the club.”

With “dual radars” part of TrackMan4, “one [radar] will track a golf ball through its entire flight until it hits the ground. The other radar will actually track the club head and the path that it is delivered back through the golf ball,” Moran said.

Bringing in “a series of experts this winter” to further the learning experience, Moran said he is trained “to give 16 tests” designed to detect “mobility and stability” issues affecting a student’s swing within that given person’s physical capabilities. “And then try to strengthen those physical weaknesses” to improve the swing.

Also available is an indoor driving range during inclement weather.

Although the Center currently is only available to FDCC members, Moran said, “At some point-in-time there will be, I think, with cost to have non-members come and get fitted [for clubs] or take lessons.”