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• I just finished reading in your paper the Master Plan that Farragut [Municipal Planning Commission] has for the future. As good as all this sounds, and as beautiful as all these projects would be in the future, most of these things — the parks that they have built — are located in the outskirts of our Town, which most people on a daily basis going about their lives and visitors do not see. What people do see is that in the heart of our Town is the barn that recently burned down [off Concord Road near Kingston Pike] and all the pastureland that’s being neglected. This could be a showcase for the Town of Farragut, not an embarrassment, which it is now.

I would prefer seeing the Town of Farragut consider purchasing this land from the present owner, after insurance is worked out after the fire, and making that into a showplace for our Town and something to be proud of. Put the amphitheater there, which could be seen and would have ample parking all around. At the least the current property owner should be asked to please at least clean up the pasture and the fence line. That should have nothing to do with the barn itself. This has become a huge eyesore, irritating every time we drive by. And most of us that live here drive by it several times a day. We already have too many empty buildings and places that have gone out of business. And that on top of this barn area and field looking unsightly is just too much. Please Town of Farragut or property owner, clean it up.