Rick Terry Jewelry Designs

Three decades, Three generations, Three locations

Rick Terry exudes enthusiastic joy when discussing his work in the jewelry industry. His love and passion for the work that he’s been doing for 30 years is contagious! Whether designing or repairing jewelry, he truly enjoys what he does and it brings happiness to others. His sons, Blake and Matt, who have each brought unique talents to the family enterprise, share the same enthusiasm. They all strive to be on the cutting edge of the jewelry industry.

As new progressive technological innovations become available Rick and his sons are in the forefront to take advantage of the possibilities. They use these advancements to enhance their talents for jewelry design and repair. Few jewelry designers in the region are as capable as Rick and his sons of turning a customer’s dream design into reality.

Blake Terry says the new technologies allow him and Matt to think out of the box.  By coupling their age and thought processes with their father’s, and his experience, they are all able to “mesh” their ideas and creativity.  This ability gives them the opportunity to exceed customer expectations.

Rick said he and his team are taking advantage of design possibilities made available by the advanced equipment they are using; 3-D Printing, Laser Welding, Engraving and CAD/Cam milling. They are leading the jewelry design industry by utilizing old school craftsmanship, giving attention to minute details and using modern technology to give customers what they imagine.

 “We like to mess around with things; ideas, that people don’t even realize are possibilities. The technology is out there and it will allow us to create things we couldn’t before, that will be affordable for everyone,” said Blake.

With the addition of the computerized engraving equipment they can engrave on almost anything from glass, to wood, brass and more for awards, graduations, retirements and gifts in general. They can add gold foil to leather and paint to other engraved items. “We’re tired of sending customers out of their way to have things engraved. Bring your items to the Farragut location and we’ll engrave it,” said Rick. We can scan and engrave handwriting into jewelry from old signatures Matthew Terry, an expert in design is the youngest to join the family business. He trained in Atlanta to operate the CAD/Cam milling machine which allows him to use special computer software to design a customer’s jewelry. He has access to six specialized programs enabling him to produce intricate designs.

“It is so exciting for us to take our customers’ ideas and bring them to fruition. We become a part of their lives because we’ve been able to give them the end product significant to them that may become a meaningful heirloom and passed down for generations,” said Rick.

Blake has a degree as a Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Designer having attended the Gemological Institute of America in California, known worldwide for setting the standards for proper grading of diamonds.  His work experience in the diamond industry before returning home to Tennessee included an opportunity to work with experts in Chicago.

He considers himself a “lifer” in the industry, beginning his career at the age of two when he could sit in his highchair pounding away with jeweler’s hammers and tools while watching Rick work. Today he designs and repairs jewelry at the same bench his father used for 30 years. Blake is Director of Content/Social Media.

We rarely see Patty Terry, although without her Rick knows Rick Terry Jewelry Designs would not exist. “If not for my wife, Patty, this place would not exist; nor would these two boys.” Rick and Patty celebrated their 37th anniversary in August. 

Rick Terry Jewelry Designs offers three locations for customer convenience. Their staff members have years of experience and extensive training garnering a wealth of knowledge for fine jewelry and gemstones. They understand the precision and attention to detail that is essential for customer satisfaction. Their slogan is: “We want to be your jeweler” and Rick Terry’s philosophy, that he often shares is, “If you don’t know your jewelry, know your jeweler.”

“I love the fact that my sons are continuing on in the jewelry business, not just in the retail sales but as craftsmen. “ said Rick. Not many family owned business survive 3 generations, “We’ve been serving the Knoxville and Farragut area for 30 years, and now intend to continue that tradition of craftsmanship and great service for many more years to come. In a nutshell, we’re here to stay.”

“We make it unique ... we make it special ... We make it just for you!”