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• I’m really disappointed seeing what Farragut is turning into. The eyesore on Campbell Station Road with the dilapidated wall around the huge house up on the hill at the corner of Sonya Drive.

I was wondering: is Farragut code enforcement free to cite this property. … It’s really a “beautiful” sight seeing this wall falling down. And then heading further down Kingston Pike seeing the vacant gas station, a boarded-up Silver Spoon restaurant for how many years? Signs have been on these properties for well over a year about what is coming, but zero progress. Isn’t anyone proud to call Farragut their home anymore? I can live in many other areas in Knoxville and expect stones falling off walls, abandoned gas stations, restaurants and storefronts. My family chose Farragut [in which] to raise a family. We expect it be more to live in this Town, but at this rate Farragut will look like [other parts of] Knoxville in no time.