letters to the editor

An Alderman reflects

A year in review? As a second term Board of Zoning Appeals member and a first year Alderman. I have enjoyed working with our great Town staff. Being retired has given me the opportunity to attend many technical learning classes. They have helped build the foundation for my future run for Mayor in 2018. With any Board or Town we must remember that the number one priority is our financial position. With strong revenue streams and proper planning we can maintain and grow our infrastructures as well as provide first class parks, recreation and cultural amenities.

The Town has plans in place for improvements on  Union Road and Virtue Road, two of our most heavily traveled substandard roads. Funding is in place this physical year on more sidewalks and walking trails. We have a map and grading program on our stormwater system underway as well as an ADA assessment plan, both federally mandated. The grant program to replace our aging red-light system is now going forward.

The Watt Road/Kingston Pike interchange update will happen next year, a TDOT project.  With two new building plans underway right near the Town Hall,  talks are starting to heat up again on a future Town Center. The landscaping at the I-40 & Campbell Station exit has set us apart from the rest of Knox County.   

This is all part of maintaining and growing our infrastructure.

We have major updates going on at Bob Leonard Park with the third turf field, increased parking spaces and huge improvement to the restroom facilities. Engineering plans have been approved for the first phase of the McFee Park project. All of the recreation fields and walking trails have been used extensively this year.

We have seen more special events from our Parks & Recreation staff as well as the FBA/Shop Farragut program than ever before with many more yet to come.  This is all part of the use of our first-class parks, recreation and cultural amenities.

Being able to balance our wants and needs will be the key looking forward to the future.


Ron Williams

Alderman Ward 2 and

BZA Vice Chairman