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• Is there anything the Board [of] Mayor [and Aldermen] or anybody in the Town of Farragut can do about all our stores leaving in the heart of Farragut? Now, we just found out last week that the Dollar General [Store] is leaving [old Ingles shopping center for a new location along Kingston Pike near its intersection with Old Stage Road. This has been reported for months. Store officials said it’s tentatively set to open this Saturday, Nov. 11]. When we moved here 30 years ago everything was within the old Kroger shopping center or the old Ingles shopping center. Now we’ve got all these empty buildings and we have to go all the way down to Old Stage Hills or Parkside Drive. Anyway, I don’t like it and I’m sure the old-timers don’t, and maybe some of the newcomers don’t. See if you can put this in the paper and come up with something, somebody.

• I’ve been meaning to call about that wall there on Campbell Station Road just north of the west entrance to Farragut High School. I was wondering how long it would take before some of these observant folks in Farragut would notice about the wall falling all down. And then I picked up the paper [the day of this call] and somebody has commented on it. However, I’m curious as to how much money was spent on that wall? And who paid for it and who’s going to pay to have it fixed? Is the provider responsible? What was the issue? Why did it fall off? It just seems like it keeps falling more and more. Just curious. I hope to get a response on this.

• Every morning from 7:30 to 7:50 there are vehicles parked in the right lane of Old Colony Parkway immediately before the [traffic signal] light at Campbell Station [Road]. The owners leave their cars in the road while they walk their children to [Farragut] Primary School. This creates a dangerous situation for [drivers] coming upon them [who are] assuming they are in the lane to turn right at the light. Upon realizing that the cars are illegally parked, drivers have to back up and go around the parked cars. Eventually someone is going to get hurt. Please, can’t the Town issue citations to the selfish people who create this driving hazard every morning? [Editor’s Note: Town of Farragut does not have a police force. Law enforcement questions can be addressed at Knox County Sheriff’s Office West Precinct, Parkside Drive, by calling 865-392-1670].