Local top finishers awarded for fall school coupon sales

Farragut schools joined other Knox County Schools in celebrating the success of the 2017 Knox County Schools Original Coupon Book Sales.

Students, teachers, parents and school officials gathered for the awards luncheon, which took place in Sarah Simpson Professional Development Center, South Knoxville, Friday, Nov. 10.

“Our theme this year was safari adventure, and wow, what an adventure our students who are here today took, selling 100 or more books,” said Bob Thomas, Knox County Schools superintendent. “I just appreciate your efforts. It’s so important to us, mainly because it raises over $1 million for our schools and it is one of the most successful programs in our country in terms of fundraising.

When the coupon book sales program was established in 1984, schools sold 102,205 books, raising $766, 537.

This year, Thomas said schools sold 149,901 books, raising $1,323,625 for KCS.

Farragut Primary School and Farragut Intermediate School were among the top performing schools, with FPS having 5.70 percent per capita sales and FIS having 5.62 percent per capita sales.

Northshore Elementary had 5.71 per capita sales, and Hardin Valley Elementary had 5.64 per capita sales, Witt said.

Kailey Bostick, a Farragut Middle School eighth-grader, again was overall top seller, having sold 627 coupon books. She also was overall top seller last year.

She was not present for the luncheon because of a prior commitment, but her mother, Rhonda Bostick, said, “It was hard work.”

“[Kailey] sold books at every place that let her set up a table after school,” Rhonda Bostick said, adding she expects her daughter will continue selling when she attends high school.

FMS sixth-grader Pete Clower, who sold 166 books, was second-place seller in his school and was recognized at the luncheon.

Seventh-grader River Hodge, who sold 61 books, earned second place at FMS.

From the elementary schools, FPS student Ben Stiles, who sold 116 books, was the top seller in his school — while his older brother, FIS student Max Stiles, 8, sold 103 books, achieving second place in his school.

“They were amazing,” Wendy Stiles said about the work of her sons. “This is our fourth year here. Max has been top seller for four years and Ben has been two years.”

FIS student Katie Vavra sold the most books at her school, 108.

“I think she worked hard,” Katie’s mother, Amee Vavra, said. “We walked a lot of neighborhoods.”

“I went to six or seven neighborhoods to sell,” Katie, 9, said. “I asked my grandma and my mom bought five [books].”

Amy Stedham’s third-grade homeroom was the top selling class at FIS.

Other top sellers at FPS were Kennedy Prosan, 75 books; Alexis Ragsdale, and Emme Sheve, 51 books, and Andrew Cucksey and Henley Goddard, 50 books.

The top selling FPS homerooms were that of Kim Lara, first grade, which sold 369 books; Kara Malone, kindergarten, selling 186 books; and Lori Moore, second grade, selling 225 books.

Madelyn Mustard, a Farragut High School student, earned third place in the county after selling 126 books.