Shoot Point Blank to open in December

The Farragut area will have a gun shop and range to visit for Christmas shopping.

Tom Willingham, founder and owner of Shoot Point Blank, is aiming to open his newest store at 620 Corporate Point Way, Knoxville, in early December. The store is located off Outer Drive and just outside of Farragut.

“We chose that particular site because it was close to the freeway,” Willingham said. “We find that people generally come anywhere from 15 miles on in to visit us.”

The range will have 20 25-yard lanes, with each one able to handle handguns and long guns up to a .308 caliber.

“They are [in] the third generation of redesigning the ranges, which makes them some of the safest commercial ranges in the entire country,” Willingham said. “We’ll also have a very well-stocked retail store featuring all your favorite firearms, ammunition and accessories.

“We also will have two classrooms and we will be holding a variety of different workshops and educational offerings, including the handgun carry permit classes,” he added.

“You can try a firearm before you buy it if we have it on the range, so you’re not really stuck buying a firearm that you may not like. We have 85 rental guns [in the Knoxville store].”

Shoot Point Blank first opened in November 2012 in Cincinnati.

“We are not your old-fashioned gun shop,” Willingham said. “It is a gun shop and indoor range that is basically non-intimidating and ready to provide a positive experience to all of our customers.

“When you walk in, you should immediately feel the difference between our store and how we do things versus any other gun shop you’ve been to,” he added.

The Knoxville store will make Shoot Point Blank’s 14th location.

However, Shoot Point Blank is not a franchise.

“And, the reason is we can’t maintain control over how the product is delivered [with a franchise],” Willingham said. “We want everything to be consistent to the customers, no matter where they are.”

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