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• I am going to get straight to the point because of my shock, dismay and disgust at a “story” printed in the paper [Nov. 16 issue].  Is the farragutpress a partisan news source like Fox News or MSNBC? Does farragutpress intend to cultivate division and grow hatred in our community?.... I have seen three articles in less than one year highlighting speakers [e.g., Cathy Hinners, Jeff Cobble] who cultivate hate and division as well as spread misinformation and false truths to the audience. Why is Alan Sloan writing a one-sided story that repeats information as fact instead of offering a balanced story that considers both sides and allows the reader to draw his/her own conclusion(s)?

  … I read the article “Cobble gives First Amendment ‘dose of truth’ as AFA speaker” and would like to know what is the intention of the writer, Alan Sloan, in continuing to write and share these highly one-sided and biased speaker visits in Farragut? I have not seen a story that covers the other end of the spectrum. Aren’t some of the pillars to responsible journalism truth, accuracy, independence, fairness and impartiality?  Do those not matter here? … Are you aware that ACT For America is considered an anti-Muslim group with support from Breitbart, a highly partisan news outlet that some say supports white supremacy [i.e., hate groups]? Did Sloan even verify the claims that Jeff Cobble made that pretty much implied that people don’t have to listen to the federal government? My “bull” radar went off right away when I read the article with Cobble’s statements. I have no doubt that hundreds of Constitutional and civil rights lawyers, past and present, would destroy Cobble in a court of law or debate. Cobble is doing nothing but perpetrating a lie for his own personal gain or the gain of the organizations he supports. His statements do nothing but drive a wedge between people and continue to grow the division that is plaguing our country right now. He is part of the problem that sadden all of us parents trying to teach our kids to be respectful, kind, compassionate, caring, tolerant, responsible, open-minded and accepting of differences be it political, social, racial, sexual, religious, etc.

• I’m upset. I was vandalized in Bent Tree Subdivision. [Perpetrators] took all my fall decorations. I’m upset. I hope [the perpetrators] are happy. My lawn decorations that you stole actually came from a friend that has passed. I just hope you rot.