Webb’s Hethmon honored By Optimist Club of Knox

Elizabeth Hethmon, Webb School of Knoxville senior, recently received a Service to Humanity Award for 2017 from the Optimist Club of Knoxville.

This award is given annually to one student from each local high school for his or her exceptional contributions to the community.

Hethmon has completed more than 100 hours of community service during her four years in Webb Upper School, helping at a variety of organizations including the Humane Society, Farmers’ Market, Habitat for Humanity and the Webb School community.

A member of Webb’s Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society for excellence in math and the Upper School Rotary Interact Club, Hethmon traveled with Webb teachers and students to Ganado, Arizona, last year to work at Navajo Nation. In addition to assisting with building repair, painting and landscaping, Hethmon took the time to meet with elderly Navajo at a retirement home.

She also joined other Webb School students and faculty this past summer, lending a hand at a reading camp for children at Clearfork Community Institute in the heart of Clearfork Valley.

“Elizabeth puts others first in all areas of her life and makes every effort to improve the quality of life of those around her,” said Hemal Tailor, Webb Upper School community service coordinator. “She is a true asset to not only the Webb community, but also to the Knoxville community and beyond.”

“Her dedication and commitment is unfailing, and teachers know that when Elizabeth is a part of any event, they can count on her leadership, engagement and support,” she added.