Fun for the holidays

Check out our new special section, Santa Shops Farragut!

It contains letters to Santa from local second graders, coloring pages (for kids of all ages!) as well as deals and holiday wishes from local advertisers.

Here is a small sample of the letters:

Dear Santa,

I am seven years old and I am on the nice list. I am sometimes nice and sometimes naughty. I want for Christmas a diary. I also want for Christmas a figit cube and a heart purse from Tommy Hilfiger. Are your reindeer sick?


Alanna Hooper

Dear Santa,

Hello I hope you are doing well and when you come I will leave a plate woule of cookies. I hope you have a good Christmas. I hope the rain dear are doing good espeshaly roodof. I hope you bring lots of kids joy. I hope yoou’ve ben good this year and not noty. Can you give me a fue presents. I hope you and Miss Close haven’t caten in argoument. I do not want you to get really cold and stay warm. On Christmas nite I’m going to sneek down stairs and see you and give you a big hug.

Yours Sincerely

Isabella Ashly Jones

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