Concord pastor ‘inspired’ by Dr. King

It wasn’t through direct contact that a young Ruby Winton, an African-American Christian, became inspired by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Unfortunately I never met Dr. King or attended any of his rallies or speeches,” said the Rev. Winton, pastor of Concord Original Church of God.

However, she “followed via T.V.” the leadership of Dr. King to champion civil rights in the United States, and said she is a better person as a result.

“Dr. King has inspired me both in the physical and spiritual realm,” said Winton, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday will be observed Monday, Jan. 15.

“As a man of African-American descent he portrayed us as a bold, proud, passionate and peaceful people,” she added, “Striving to reach goals and making a difference in the world — and that we could reach these goals in unity and in peace.

“Spiritually, he gave hope — we realized that our dreams could come true. He, like Jesus, gave his life for all mankind.”

Winton said Dr. King’s legacy isn’t being lost over time. “His life continues to influence people and will influence generations to come,” she said. “The legacy of Dr. King remains vitally important to Afro-American youth. It’s a part of our past, present and future.”