letters to the editor

A big ‘thank you’ to FWKCC

Dear FWKCC Board of Directors,

On the behalf of The Volunteer Ministry Center, I offer my sincere thanks to the Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce for the generous donation of gifts for our annual Holiday Store during the Chamber’s Christmas Open House in December 2017.

Please pass on a big THANK YOU to all of the businesses and individuals that donated gift items to make this holiday special for many in our community!

The Holiday Store enabled 186 shoppers to earn points to “buy” holiday gifts for 563 loved ones and family members.

The Holiday Store completed its 21st season and affords an opportunity for individuals to perform community service, and in turn receive shopping points for new merchandise for holiday gifts.

With the intent of promoting dignity and respect, the Holiday Store is far from a “give-away” program. Holiday Store shoppers performed over 744 hours of community service at 48 different sites in the community.

In order to serve so many, it takes a lot of inventory. Due to your generosity and support, we were able to ensure that each and every shopper had brand new merchandise from which to select.

Thank you again for your support of the Holiday store and the larger mission of ending and preventing homelessness.

The Rev. Dr. Bruce W. Spangler,

CEO/Volunteer Ministry Center