FPS students celebrate 100 Days of School with style

As Farragut Primary School celebrated 100 Days of School Friday, Jan. 26, its kindergarten classes dressed up, decorated their rooms and T-shirts and participated in activities involving the number 100.

“What we’re doing here today is celebrating our 100 Days of School Celebration, which for kindergartners is 100 days of progress,” FPS kindergarten teacher Amanda Kincaid said. “So, all this week, they have been looking back at their journals [to see] where they started.

“They have been looking back at their goals that they set every month and just have been celebrating all their accomplishments,” she added. “All week, they have been practicing. They have shared their collections from home that they have brought 100 items of, and [FPS principal Gina] Byrd is going to come today and judge them out in the hallway.

One hundred days is the midway point of the school year, Kincaid explained.

“We’ve played number Bingo — like the Bingo hall,” Kincaid said. “[Students] have done 100 jumping jacks. They have tried to be quiet for 100 seconds, which they said is really hard. They are writing their names to 100 right now.

”Every kindergarten class has read a story with 100 words in it,” she added. “We gave that out at the beginning of the month; and at this point, almost all the kids can read this one little story with 100 words. So, that was their homework, and their parents are just amazed that they can do that.”

“Our standard in kindergarten is to be able to count to 100 by ones, 10s and fives; so at this point, they have mastered all of that.”

Building to this point from August, “We count every day on our calendar,” Kincaid said. “They just get so excited because their progress from day one to now is huge, so we like to celebrate that.”

“One hundred days is a big accomplishment,” she added. “At the beginning of the year, I think teachers and parents alike are very stressed out and think, ‘How are we going to do this?’

How big is FPS “100 Days?” “You could just hear the cheers all around the school,” Kincaid said.

Each kindergarten class celebrated 100 days differently.

“We are working on a few 100-Day stations,” FPS kindergarten teacher Kara Malone said about her class. “We’ve got four stations set up. We’re doing 100 gumball paintings. We are doing a 100-day puzzle, we are making a 100-day hat and we [are] rolling and coloring until we get to 100.”

In Hannah Scott’s class, she said kindergartners decorated shirts with 100 pieces while creating their own design.

“We are going to do a 100-piece Fruit Loop necklace today,” Scott said. “We are going to make a snack that has 100 pieces, so they are going to count in groups of 10.

“And just do 100-Day things all day long,” she added.

“We had our 100-Day snack and we are making our 100-Day crowns,” Macy Fain said about her class. “We also got to decorate shirts.”

Friday, students also focused on the number 10, Kincaid said.

On a mat, each child had 10 items, and they counted by 10 of each item so they had 100 pieces of their snack.

“They are testing at the same time they are having fun,” she said.