Smith statement on update of Campbell Station retaining wall repairs

Though Town of Farragut officials and community leaders make a strong effort to present a picturesque Town, scenes such as this retaining wall along North Campbell Station Road (see report below) do pop up. Are there other areas of Town that need work appearance-wise? What do you think? Call 671-TALK (8255).
Darryl Smith, Town engineer, on progress to repair and replace retaining wall stone veneer along Campbell Station Road (photo above): “The Town contracted with a construction consultant late last year to determine the cause of the delamination, and to consider options for repair.

The consultant has examined the wall and is working to finalize a report. Public Works has continued to monitor the wall regularly, testing the stone veneer to determine if further delamination has occurred. Any area exhibiting further delamination is promptly removed. Due to this regular inspection, we do not feel the stone veneer presents a safety hazard.”