Fall estimate for Concord construction

With Knoxville TPO’s Transportation Improvement Plan listing total cost of Concord Road’s .93-mile improvements at $14,708,140, rough estimates from Tennessee Department of Transportation indicate a fall construction start.

“The earliest letting for this project is June 2018. Once a pre-construction conference is held, a schedule will be set,” Mark Nagi, TDOT Region 1 Community Relations officer, stated in a recent e-mail. “Typically you’d see construction activities begin six to eight weeks after a contract is awarded, which normally happens two to three weeks after a bid letting.”

Construction would run from just north of Turkey Creek Road southward to the intersection with Northshore Drive, with improvements including widening the road from 48 to 78.5 feet (including either turn-lanes or median) from Waterford Drive to Turkey Creek Road/Summerdale Drive intersections; expanding to 78.5 feet from these intersections south to the bridge over the railroad (currently this span transitions from 48 to 22 feet), and expanding back to 48 feet from south of the bridge to Northshore intersection.

Improvement also include curb and gutter, sidewalks and bike lanes.

Once construction starts, “We estimate that it will take approximately 28 months to complete,” Nagi said. “However, the actual timeline will be set after the project is let to construction.”

“Construction cost is listed at $8,508,140,” Nagi said.