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• It seems a little bit misguided and unfair for the citizens of Farragut to want a police force privately operated by the Sheriff’s [Office] of Knox County for just Farragut. Farragut really needs to pass a property tax for all the things they are asking people to do for them.

And that is the richest section of Knox County, more than likely. Just my opinion. (Editor’s Note: from all Presstalk, Letters to the Editor and information from our reporting, we have not received any quotes or feedback — unlike what this caller may be hearing or reading — about “citizens of Farragut … want[ing] a police force privately operated” by Knox County Sheriff’s Office “for just Farragut.”

• If my memory is correct, the delaminating [retaining] wall on Campbell Station Road has had repairs before. My suggestion would be to remove all the stone [veneer], stucco the wall and give it a stamped-stone appearance. Maybe that will solve the problem of the [stone veneer] falling off the wall (Editor’s Note: see story and photo about Town’s Public Works department removing all of the wall’s remaining stone veneer on page 2A)