Letters to the Editor

The recent school shooting in a Florida high school has created quite a stir. I was in education for 31 years, 16 as an administrator. Nobody wants this to happen, but we seem to be missing the point. While I admire students for standing up for themselves, I’m not sure if it’s for the right cause.

Think about this … why would a 19-year-old want to go into a school and kill people? Why would a seventh grade girl call in a threat to her school? And last, why would a kid go to school and shoot himself? Did a gun cause this?

I hate to admit this but we are the cause. We have lost our values, don’t know what a family is anymore, and we give our kids an iPhone and a computer to keep them busy and we call that love. Parents don’t want dress codes because they want their child to be different. They complain about locked doors because it’s an inconvenience to them. When something like this happens, everyone wants to find an excuse.

Ten years ago I was ridiculed for locking the doors in my school — I was one of the first, now look where we are today.

Start spending quality time with your kids, keep up with what they’re doing on social media and set up a time each day to put away all your devices. Know who your child’s friends are. Get to know your child’s teachers, not just when you have a concern.

Get them to school on time, go to parent-teacher conferences, hold them responsible for their actions. No more “it’s someone else’s fault.” Until we get back to teaching our kids respect for others, discipline, responsibility, values and using common sense to make choices, nothing is going to change.

Be the adult and accept the truth or listen to TV and bury your head in the sand. It’s your choice.

Skip Overstreet