• At 3:12 p.m., Wednesday Feb. 28, a Knox County Sheriff’s Office unit observed a white female behind Party City along Parkside Drive. She matched the description of a shoplifting suspect from Belk department store from 20 minutes earlier. Belk is across the street from Party City. Officer called Belk Loss Prevention and a member of store management came to the location and identified the suspect. She was placed under arrest and transported to KCSO West Precinct.

• At 10:39 a.m., Monday, Feb. 26, an employee complainant called KCSO West Precinct to report an incident at 11449 Parkside Drive at Off Broadway Shoes. She advised the suspects took a pair of Adidas shoes off the shelf; one suspect went to the back of the store and cut the shoelace loop with the security device attached. He then placed the shoes on a bench in the Men’s section. The second suspect was trying to distract complainant, but another manager went and picked up the shoes before the second suspect could walk out with them. Officer made contact with them and that is how their information was obtained. At the time of the theft, it could not be verified if the suspects cut the shoelace with the security device. Suspects were not arrested and the complainant was made aware that if more information could be verified to call back. Retail cost of the shoes was listed at $84.99.

• At 3:42 p.m., Saturday, Feb 24, KCSO units were notified of a shoplifter at 11530 Kingston Pike, Kohl’s. Officers made contact with witness/complainant who said he observed suspect/arrestee take her shoes off and switch them with a new pair of Sketcher shoes, with a listed retail cost of $64.99, and go out to her vehicle to leave without paying for the shoes. Officers made contact with the suspect, who said she drove herself and her 15-year-old daughter to Kohl’s. A records check revealed the suspect to be driving on a suspended license. A DCS referral was made because the suspect committed both crimes in the presence of her 15-year-old daughter. The vehicle were released to the suspect’s 32-year-old daughter. Suspect was taken into custody and transported to the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility.

• At 3:48 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 22, a Monticello Drive victim called KCSO North Precinct to file a report regarding an incident. According to the victim, he was involved in a church event for which the church required a background check. The victim said he was contacted Feb. 16th by the church’s security manager. He said the security manager told him when he received the background check it showed the Social Security number he provided listed a resident of Cape Coral, Florida. The victim double-checked the number on his Social Security card, which was the same one on the form. According to the victim, the security manager advised him to contact KCSO and file an Identity theft report. Victim said the form indicated April 2001 as when the suspect apparently began using his Social Security number.

He said there were five different addresses listed between then and now for the suspect.

The most current was dated February 2018 and was a Cape Coral, Florida, address.