Biggs vying for Co. Comm. At-Large 11

Justin Biggs, a Republican candidates for Knox County Commission At-Large Seat 11, recently spoke to members of Concord-Farragut Republican Club in Knox County Sheriff’s Office West Precinct in Turkey Creek.

“I come from a very humble family and humble background,” said Biggs, who currently is the collections administrator for Knox County Trustee’s Office. “My mom taught at Ridgedale Elementary School for 15 years. My father was in law enforcement for 44 years [and] fought in Vietnam. My uncle was in Vietnam. My papaw and grandfather [were in] World War II; my great-grandfather, World War I.

“So, obviously, we love America and, obviously, we love Knox County,” he added. “That’s why it was really easy for me to justify running (for office) for the county I was born and raised in.”

Biggs said he is running for At Large Seat 11 because of the need to focus on the county and “some of the great things we have here.

“And, being able to have the opportunity to speak with everybody like we do, have them voice their concerns, be able to go out and put our best foot forward and take care of some of the issues, like a sink hole in their backyard or feel like someone is speeding in their neighborhood — something we can go out and talk to them about and try to help them with their problems,” he said. “There are much more, larger things that County Commissioners do and I can’t wait to be part of that.”

Before working for the county, Biggs said he worked for a massive, world-reknown company.

Biggs said he wants to draw businesses — large and small – to Knox County. “I want to be able to be there and talk to major businesses and have every opportunity to get them to come here,” he said. “I want to make sure we don’t miss out on businesses, like H.T. Hackney, that could be such a big asset to Knoxville, Tennessee.

“So, I sat back and thought about that for a long, long time and it’s not just [big businesses], it’s people like my wife, Heather, who owns a little hair salon,” he added. “It’s people like that who have a desire to chase their dreams.

“I want to be able to work with the small businesses, I want to be able to work with the entrepreneurs.

“Whether you want to see the beer companies come here or the mom-and-pop shops and boutiques come here, I want to be known as the guy who went out there to put his feet on the pavement and did everything he could to make sure that these people who are wanting to open businesses, that we did that and we offered great jobs here in Knox [County].”

He and wife, Heather, have a daughter, Lilly Ann, and stepson, Caden.