U.S. Golf site planned as $6 mil self-storage facility

While the concept plan to redevelop the former U.S. Golf property at 11775 Snyder Road as a $6 million self-storage facility is under way, the developer sought feedback on the plan from Farragut Municipal Planning Commission.

During FMPC’s meeting Thursday, March 15, it reviewed Ziff Properties Inc.’s concept plan to redevelop the 6.02-acre property, which is at the northwest intersection with North Campbell Station Road, but took no action.

“[The developer] just wanted to get some initial reaction from the Planning Commission,” said Mark Shipley, Farragut Community Development director.

“The proposed new use would include three self-storage buildings in the southern portion of the property where the U.S. Golf building and parking lot currently are situated,” Shipley said. “Two of the buildings would be one story an one building is proposed as three story.”

The U.S. Golf building was built in April 1998 but closed in early 2016.

“Since that time, it’s kind of been an eyesore,” Shipley said.

Ziff Properties’ proposed development would involve demolishing the U.S. Golf building, Shipley said.

An existing detention basin would remain on the property to accommodate stormwater runoff. However, he said, “The new development would still be required to address the Town’s requirement for low-impact development for stormwater.”

The developer also is proposing to use an existing access from Snyder Road, which is about 180 feet from the western curb line of North Campbell Station Road. Shipley said the Town’s ordinance requires it to have 400 feet of separation.

“However, in looking back through the U.S. Golf file, it was discovered that a variance was granted for the existing access in 1998,” he added. “The lot doesn’t have enough frontage to meet that requirement.

There also was some uncertainty about the right-of-way platted on the western portion of the property, Shipley added.

“That was done many years ago in anticipation of someday the interchange being realigned,” he said.

The most significant concern of Shipley and Planning Commissioners was the lime green doors as shown on the concept plan.

“I would recommend them to be something other than green,” Shipley added. “We would want to see them to be earth-toned and camouflaged.”

Those standards include 75 percent masonry on the net façade area.

He also suggested installing garage doors, as one would see on a home, “to make them look like they’re not doors. ...”

Michael Mansson, Ziff Properties Inc. director of construction, said he discovered such doors do not exist in [the self-storage] industry.

Planning Commissioner Rose Ann Kile recommended simply using a muted color to downplay the doors “so they won’t stick out like a sore thumb.”

Other issues developers have to address include adding a walking path or sidewalk along the front of Campbell Station Road and installing a fence around the property and screened by plant materials where the fence would face North Campbell Station and Snyder roads.