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• I would like to see A. C. Moore, Home Depot and Jason’s Deli (come) to Farragut.

• The old Phillips 66 convenience store at the corner of Kingston Pike and North Campbell Station Road has been abandoned for years. It has a sign (stating) a development is going to be put there. And the second sign (states) the property is for lease or for sale. For one thing, I’m confused. One of them needs to come down.

To me it’s an eyesore in the Town of Farragut where we have an abandoned piece of property and there’s two signs there and nobody knows what’s going on. … And now there’s multiple political signs on the property. How many signs can you put on one piece of property there on the corner? Any time I put a garage sale sign down anytime except a Friday, they’ve taken it down along Grigsby Chapel (Road). … There’s a vacant newspaper (box) there. Another thing: there’s an abandoned aluminum bumper from a tractor-trailer that’s on the property. Another thing is, the concrete at the gas [pumps] is coming apart — the earth has shifted or something. I’m not saying the grass has to be cut every week, but cut the grass and trim the bushes back. There’s all kinds of limbs that have been there since the fall. Huge limbs back there by the (former) car wash. I can’t believe more residents aren’t pitching a fit. … I still don’t know if that property actually has gasoline tanks still in the ground. … Nobody’s going to develop that property until the owner actually removes those tanks. That could be the sticker.