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• I definitely agree that the power lines should be buried. We came from Florida, and both the communities there had underground utilities, and it definitely made the appearance of the area we lived in much more pleasant. [Inaudible] be in favor of this. Hopefully it goes forward.

• What a beautiful sight to see the redbuds in full bloom along the public right-of-way and along the Interstate between Campbell Station and Lovell Road. Just a reminder to TDOT, Knox County and the Town of Farragut: this is the public’s right-of-way; let’s not have any clear-cutting or so-called “thinning of vegetation” in order to increase visibility for billboards or businesses. Let’s keep the public right-of-way green and full of redbuds and dogwoods.

• The new section of Everett Road is awesome. So my question is, why have there been about 10 orange barrels beside it now for nearly a year with absolutely no work going on? No work at all. Ten barrels [for a] year. I don’t want to be rude, but this just screams incompetence.