Scotch Night @ W2W

Inaugural event draws rave reviews

As part of Scotch Night Bagpipe Parade at Water Into Wine Bistro & Lounge, David Pickens displays a pair of Scotches to be featured samplings during this W2W inaugural event Thursday evening, April 5.
Water Into Wine Bistro & Lounge ventured into uncharted Scottish “waters” Thursday evening, April 5 — although water wasn’t part of the cultural samplings.

Haggis, described as a “crumbly meat loaf,” and cranachan, a raspberries, oats and crème dessert, were the highlighted Scottish fare while five versions of Scotch, representing five distinct regions of Scotland, highlighted a Single Malt Wiskey Tasting before a lively packed house of patrons at the bistro and lounge’s 607 N. Campbell Station Road location.

“We’ve had bourbon dinners, we’ve had wine dinners, and our friends from Scotland said, ‘you need to have a Scotch dinner,’” announced Candace Viox, W2W owner, to kick off Scotch Night.

The brainchild of native Scotsman Jim McCulloch, Scotch Night also featured David Pickens — both men representing the Sons of Britain — in full Scottish attire as event hosts.

“So all of this was born out of Jim’s thoughts, his ideas,” Viox said. “He wanted to make sure that you guys got an amazing taste of all the Scotches from all around the [Scotland] region. … Flavor profiles, he’s going to explain all of that to you. He’s going to come around to each table and talk to you guys about the Scotches that you are tasting.”

McCulloch, with a sword, and Pickens, with two bottles of Scotch, began a four-person “Bagpipe Parade” procession around the bar led by Renae Dishman, in full Scottish dress playing the bagpipes, and including W2W head chef Omar Samawi carrying the haggis as prepared by his kitchen.

After the haggis was placed on a table with a few other treats, McCulloch began the “Blessing of the Haggis” ritual, which included reciting a poem, then “Cutting of the Haggis” before all the eating and sampling began.

With the particular qualities of each Scotch beverage detailed on a bound set of cards, including the portion of Scotland where it originated, The Single Malt Wisky Tasting featured samples of The Balvenie, Glen Kinchie, Springbank, Lagavulin and The Dalmore.

“Last night was just wonderful,” Cheryl Childs said the next day. She enjoyed Scotch Night alongside her husband, William Childs. “Jim did such a great job at presenting it all. And the food was delicious.

“We would absolutely go back for another event like that,” she added.

“That was fantastic,” Margaret Cochran, another regular W2W patron, said about Scotch Night. “The Scotches were very good.

“We enjoyed them a wee bit too much.”