Autumn Care SLC approaches completion with last touches

Autumn Care Senior Living Communities is completing last-minute finishes to open its new Farragut facility at the corner of Herron and North Campbell Station roads.

“We’re trying to get our certificate of occupancy by April 20, and then we have 30 days to get licensed by the state,” said Peter Faulk, who owns the family-operated company with wife, Mari. He added they hope to accept residents by the end of May.

The 48,442-square-foot facility, being built on 4.5 acres, will provide independent, assisted living and memory care living accommodations.

“We do appreciate (Farragut Community Development director) Mark (Shipley’s) efforts to allow us to serve Farragut,” Faulk said. “I think he believed in our mission and that we are locally owned, locally operated.

“It’s been a challenge,” he added about the construction process. “It’s the largest facility I’ve done, personally. It’s the nicest facility we’ve done, which (included) a lot of features in the building that took extra time.”

Among the many amenities are a theater, store, beauty salon, billiard room, library, hydro-therapy room, a double-sided fireplace dividing a lounge area and dining room, a walking path with a bridge connecting to North Campbell Station Road, an infinity walk and raised herb garden in the courtyard for memory care residents — and even a dog park.

“There are so many feature items that it’s been a little bit more of a challenge than just the typical facility,” he said.

Still, he added, “It’s so exciting to see everything happen.

“The end is in sight,” he said. “We have been working seven days a week to get ready for the opening. It’s the last things that are taking a little while to get approved.”

There also are three outdoor living spaces, which include courtyards and terrace, said Tammy Arwood, Autumn Care Senior Living Community Relations director.

A deck wraps around the entire back half of the building and courtyard, Peter said.

“We have quite a bit of natural space around us as a buffer between the neighborhoods, and we have the creek that runs along the walking trail around the back [of the property],” Peter said.

Autumn Care extended the walking trail from North Campbell Station Road to Cottage Creek, making the final connection on the walking trail.

While the facility has 66 units, he said it could accommodate up to 79 residents.

Peter explained some units might accommodate two people — for example, a husband and wife.

“We have a lot of couples already [signed up],” Mari said.

The new building will have 16 apartments downstairs for memory care residents, and 50 upstairs for independent and assisted living residents. Those units run the gamut from a studio apartment to three-bedroom units.

The rooms themselves also have their own amenities, such as granite countertops — and each have different lighting styles.

“I think we have six different types of vanities, eight different types of bathrooms — so it was pretty complicated to work through all that,” Peter said.

For more information about the facility, call Arwood, 865-333-2523, or visit