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(Editor’s Note: in response to a presstalk question about construction barrels along Everett Road, Wendy Smith, Town of Farragut Public Relations & Marketing coordinator, released the following statement: “The barrels are there because a section of the new greenway has sunk and needs to be repaired. Plans are underway to fix the greenway.” She further stated no construction date had been set).

• If you’re a candidate for an elected position, here’s a suggestion: don’t robo-call me. If you do, it’s an automatic “no” vote.

• For any Farragut resident, business person, sales manager, sales rep or just any individual: anytime they are overnighting something to a different city, at the (Farragut) Post Office, it all gets put into a bag, and then at the airport it gets put on a FedEx truck or FedEx plane. And then they lose the package, they can’t find it. So what’s the point of paying the U.S. Postal Service to overnight something when you find out that it’s going through FedEx? I don’t understand that. I want to notify the Farragut residents, they need to know that. … That’s what a person said (at the Farragut Post Office). … If I would have known that, I would have rather gone to FedEx and done it directly.

• I’m calling about some of the changes Farragut is doing, and I was wondering if they have gone back to Aubrey’s to see if they would want to come back to Farragut. They were here for a long time and people got used to them. Because there wasn’t enough space for them to expand, then that’s when they left us. They might want to come back.

• I make an effort to patronize local, small businesses. All my hardware and yard equipment and (such products) come from Elder’s Ace Hardware and the plant store nearby. My last trip (recently) was too harrowing due to the road mess (work on Dixie Lee Junction revamp, which included closed and realigned lanes). It’s being completed by I’m not sure what level of government (Tennessee Department of Transportation in conjunction with Loudon County government) and has been (inaudible) for many months. Sadly, I am moving on to the big stores east of Farragut. As one voice, I’m sure the government responsible doesn’t care. I ask that the Town of Farragut represent us in seeking answers on this awful condition. Also, the pen being mightier than the sword, I ask that the farragutpress please use its influence and also keep us apprized. (Editor’s Note: as of the second week in April, all lanes of revamp traffic were open, although farragutpress hasn’t confirmed if any additional paving of lanes might cause future lane closures. According to Mark Nagi, TDOT Region 1 Community Relations officer, the construction company has through Nov. 30 to complete all construction or be fined).