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• Hallelujah, hallelujah, halleluiah: the intersection (west of) Watt Road and Kingston Pike, the (state Highway) 70-11 (Dixie Lee Junction) work is almost completed, it appears. All lanes are open. And thank you TDOT for providing us with a new washboard road. I certainly hope this is not the final application.

• I was sure glad to see (Alderman) Bob Markli announce his candidacy for Mayor of Farragut, along with (Alderman) Ron Williams. Both are good candidates. Bob Markli would definitely help change some of the ordinances and routines prohibiting a good retail commercial development. We need to have new tenants in the old Ingles center, and in the old Kroger center down in Farragut. We need to compete with Lenoir City Highway 321. Highway 321 gets all the business, and Farragut doesn’t get them because we are too high-bound and (have) too much red tape for builders and developer people to do any business in Farragut. That’s why we have so much vacant space. It’s too much brain damage going through all the hoops and red tape to get anything approved. Bob Markli would definitely get some commercial spaces filled up. That’s what we need, more sales tax revenue, because we have no property tax. Bob Markli would get it done. I’m sure Ron Williams would, too, but Bob Markli might be even better. Thank God Bob Markli decided to run.

• I appreciate the response from Farragut regarding the orange barrels that have been sitting beside Everett Road for a year without any work being done. (A Town press release published in April 12 issue stated the barrels mark where “a section of the new greenway has sunk”). The answer seems to be there is a plan to fix the problem, but no date. This concept of a plan without a date is new to me. Where I work, all plans have dates. The bottom line here seems to be: nine orange barrels beside Everett Road for a year with no work done and no date to resolve the problem.

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