Mancini, 5th Dist. Dems: flip GOP trend ‘one bite at a time’

Mary Mancini, left, chair of Tennessee Democratic Party, greets Kathy Spoon, 5th District Democrats member, while Lisa Plawchan, district party co-chair, looks on during 5DD’s monthly meeting Thursday evening, April 19, in Rosarito’s Mexican Cantina.
The Republican shift in Tennessee politics, which began in the 1980s, was described as “a cycle” by Mary Mancini, chair of Tennessee Democratic Party.

During Mancini’s address to 5th District Democrats at their monthly meeting Thursday evening, April 20, one member proclaimed Democrats could begin reversing that shift with “one bite of the elephant.”

“That’s right,” Mancini responded during her address in Rosaries’s Mexican Cantina. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

“The Republicans did it to us, they took back the state one cycle at a time; it did not happen overnight,” she added. “We will get back to the way Tennessee should be represented, one cycle at a time, one day a time.

“… What we’re doing is a movement, not a moment. And it is a marathon and not a sprint. Everything that you are doing today will help build for wins in 2018, but also for wins in 2020 and beyond.”

Pointing to encouraging numbers, “We have actually got 95 percent of the House and state Senate seats covered with Democratic candidates,” Mancini said. “All the men in the room will cover your ears: we have over 50 women candidates who are running.”

In reference to Democratic Primary opponents who attended the meeting, vying for the District 14 state representative seat, “We have candidates stepping up like Alex (Dunn) and Justin (Davis),” Mancini said.

Beginning her visit with roughly 30 minutes of interaction with individual members, “You guys are just, really, warming my heart, the stories that you’re telling, the hard work that you’re doing,” Mancini said.

“… Thank you for everything that you’re doing, I really, really appreciate it.

“If you ever need anything from me or from Nashville and the state party, I hope you will not hesitate to reach out,” she added.