duties candidate

Farragut Alderman Ron Williams, a candidate for Town mayor, wishes to clarify what it takes “to be an effective mayor.”

The basic duties of the mayor of the Town of Farragut are outlined in our Town charter.

To be an effective mayor requires a dedication to much more than carrying out the basic duties. First and foremost, an effective mayor must be willing and have the time to meet with residents to listen to residents’ issues and work through solutions.

An effective mayor must be able to devote the time to attend all the Town’s board, committee and staff meetings. Also, there are meetings with Knox County, Knoxville Transportation Planning Organization, Tennessee Municipal League, and National League of Cities.

An effective Mayor should be able to demonstrate support for the businesses in our Town by attending grand openings, ribbon cuttings and networking events. Also, an effective mayor should attend all Town events and will be invited to participate in many of the events for Farragut High School, Pellissippi State, the (Farragut) Museum, Meals on Wheels, Dogwood Arts and other local events.

An effective mayor needs to be available to attend classes, training and workshops, which are pertinent to the needs and growth of Farragut. These classes include economic development, planning, land use, road design, architectural design standards, subdivision regulations, municipal code, business development and recruitment, stormwater management, zoning, and tourism just to name a few.

An effective mayor must be prepared to dedicate the time to do the research and prepare for each Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting and each Planning Commission meeting.

I have participated in all the above as an Alderman and a second term member of the Board of Zoning Appeals.

I am prepared to be the next effective mayor of the Town of Farragut.