Simpson shares holistic wellness method

Balance. Body. Vitality.

Beth Simpson, owner of Be Well, works with a holistic, natural method to wellness, and she is sharing it with the community through her business at 12744 Kingston Pike, Suite 201, in Renaissance | Farragut.

Simpson, a certified practitioner in Well-Being Sciences and Guild-certified practitioner in the Feldenkrais Method, opened Be Well a year-and-a-half ago.

The words, “body, balance and vitality” reflect what she uses with the Feldenkrais Method and Well-Being Sciences to help people find the balance and vitality they want, she said.

“I believe our health is one of our most important life tools, and if you’re physically and energetically healthy, it really allows you to meet your aims or your life intentions.”

The Feldenkrais Method, developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, uses gentle, mindful movement. It is designed to improve human brain and body functioning by increasing self-awareness through movement.

“(Feldenkrais) was a physicist,” Simpson said. He also was judo master, among other accomplishments, then an injury to his knees led to him developing the Feldenkrais method.

“Much of Feldenkrais’ work is about inviting a better integration in the body through movement,” Simpson said. “Integration is about finding out how to use your body in the best way that works for you.

“I believe people can have good health and maintain their own good health if they just have a little bit of know-how about how to do it,” she said.

“I work with a range of [clients], from those who are really good at what they do and want to have that edge, so they are very specific about their bodies — whether it’s athletes or musicians or business people or healers,” Simpson said. “And, I work with people who have chronic issues — pain, allergies, digestive issues, stress, autoimmune, headaches and adrenal fatigue — health issues that are preventing them from having the kind of vitality that they want to live happy, healthy lives.”

“A lot of people don’t understand that about 50 percent of your health is physical — your eating, drinking, sleeping, your exercising — that side of things,” she said. “The other 50 percent is energetic … our thinking, how we feel, our mental decisions, emotions, intuitions and the creative side of things.”

While traditional medicine separates the physical and the energetic, holistic, alternative methods “work with them because that’s how they work together,” Simpson said. “So, how your feel, what you think affects what you can do.”

Simpson’s initial background was as a public schools speech pathologist in Denver, Colorado. Then, she chose to stay home with her children.

“When my kids were teenagers I began doing some Feldenkrais work for myself.”

She learned about the method after repeatedly hurting her back while she was a stay-at-home mom.

“I tried all kinds of chiropractics, massage and all kinds of stuff, but it actually was through the Feldenkrais work that my back healed and didn’t get hurt again,” Simpson recalled. “So, I decided to do the training for it.”

She trained in the method from 2000 to 2004.

“During that time, I discovered I really was prone to the energetic part of the bioenergetics process,” she said. Simpson took three-year Well-Being Sciences training in Germany, which is an energetic medicine certification. She is required to complete 40 hours a year of education in both modalities.

The certification also requires her seeing so many clients in a year.

After her children were grown, Simpson worked as a secretary, biller and office manager for her husband, Dr. Bert Simpson, a psychiatrist in the outpatient segment of the Veterans Administration hospital.

Simpson actually opened the business about four years ago in Renaissance | Farragut.

“My husband was with me,” she said. “Bert was opening a new way of dealing with addiction, using an energetic means.”

However, about 18 months into the venture, Bert needed open-heart surgery, so the business took a back seat. Her Feldenkrais Method training helped her husband in his recovery from the surgery.

Still, she said, “It was pretty intense at my house for a year.”

Simpson re-opened Be Well a year-and-a-half ago in the same location.

For more information, call 865-777-3380 or visit